Chuck Douglas

ChuckRider: Kingston Police Detective Constable Chuck Douglas
Years of Service: 16
Years on the Ride: 4

Detective Constable Chuck Douglas started his career with Kingston Police in 2000 as a frontline officer. Through the course of his 16 years, Chuck has worked in a wide variety of units including the Criminal Investigations Bureau, had a secondment to Corrections Canada and is currently with the Special Services Division as a member of the Provincial Asset Forfeiture Unit and liaison officer for the Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit. Chuck will complete the Ride to Remember for the fourth time this year and each time, he has the opportunity to build connections with fellow officers who are dedicated to the same cause.

“Taking the time to honour our fallen heroes is extremely important to everyone who participates in the National Police Memorial Ride to Remember,” said Detective Constable Douglas. “It takes months of training and dedication for each cyclist to prepare for the ride, which gives officers a productive outlet for the everyday stress of policing and culminates in a four-day show of respect to those who lost their lives in the line of duty and their families.”

Chuck 2

Memorable Moments:

A career highlight for Detective Constable Douglas was when he was working alongside fellow officers during joint forces operations that saw the dismantling of several large drug operations.

And something else to note about Detective Constable Douglas; he isn’t just avid cyclist. He’s also an accomplished swimmer and runner, having completed numerous triathlons and marathons, two Ironman competitions and the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon.