A Message of Thanks – Saskatchewan Citizen

To all who took part in a Ride to Remember event and to all who serve, a message of thanks from a citizen who happened to drive by the Saskatchewan Ride to Remember.

*Hi. My name is Donovon Harsch. I live in Saskatchewan and I wanted to pass along a photo I took the other day as my wife and I were on our way to Regina. It was the day that the police services ride was biking on the highway on their way into Regina as well. I believe they were from the Prince Albert police department since I remembered watching a news story on TV a couple of days previous, mentioning that this ride was going to be taking place to Regina.

I am an amateur photographer and just happened to have my equipment with us as we passed by them and I felt the need to turn around and take a picture of the officers travelling on the highway with an escort.

I hope that you don’t mind that I did and that I added a statement to the bottom of the photo that I don’t believe officers hear enough.

I was very moved by the memorial and it had me think about how more civilians should stop and really think of how difficult a job it must be to be an officer.

Most of us get wrapped up with job concerns like the traffic, getting to and from work is crazy, the coffee at the office is not hot or the pot is empty again, that we have too much to do, or the boss is on our case, etc, etc.

I can only speculate the difference in the concerns that go through the minds of the brave men and women who put on a uniform everyday must be. I know that, for most of us, we aren’t worried that this could be a day that we may see or be involved in a life-changing event whether personally, or to others.

We don’t think about the possibility that this may be the day we won’t see our family, spouse, or kids again, or that we will need to tell someone else the same thing.

It is with great respect and admiration for all people who put on a uniform to protect us and put themselves in harm’s way for our safety that I send you this photo message.

Please feel free to pass this along to any police service so others can be reminded of the dedicated special people behind the uniform that make our lives safe and especially to those who have given their life for our protection.

With sincerest appreciation,
Donovon Harsch